Friday, April 17, 2009

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in Seattle.

I live in Seattle, ergo I am indoors too much, turning into a moldy vegetable. 

Seattle weather (it's pouring down rain even as I type) encourages the following, apparently, according to statistics:

More Ph.Ds per capita live here than anywhere else in America. I'm not kidding. 

There are more independent bookstores per square foot than anywhere else, even New York City, apparently, because we all stay indoors all the time, reading, drinking coffee, and going quietly or noisily insane.

And I know I get more writing done because there's no good reason to go outside. Every day, I look out my window first thing, and make a negotiation with the omnipresent greyness. I decide to ignore it most days, but in fact, it's a psychic drain to live in place where the sun so rarely shines. I love it here in many ways; it's a great city, and it has become extremely interesting as the years go by. It has grown up from its industrial roots, and there is a lot to do, especially when the sun shines on those three days out of the year when everyone is out, making traffic even worse than it normally is (another reason to stay indoors, if you ask me).

but... we are forced indoors here unless you enjoy walking through downpours all the time. 

There is a joke made by old-timers who lived here back when it was all logging and fishing... that moss grows in people's underarms because it's so damp here. It's true. You do tend to get a little soggy living here, and mold on the walls and in one's brain is a constant threat. ;-)

Back to the writing, and listening to the sound of the raindrops. It's a lovely sound... yet I miss the sun.  

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  1. Ahh, the other side of the mountains... It's been getting nicer each day, although I will not rule out another snow storm or two... If ever you tire of the grey, let El and I know! You are always wecome! I know free time is a bit difficult these days (which I imagine is a good thing, kind of...) but if you find your self screaming inside your head about weather or anything else, get away and come visit! Elinor and I have been having talks about BIGGER things, meaning the BIG philosophical questions we all ponder and I wanted to have a discussion with you. At work I've been asking co-workers "what happens when we die" and i've been getting the same answer; the traditional 'it depends on what you do, if you believe jesus is your savior, your saved and if not...'. LAME! I refrain myself from expressing my opinion, but it's difficult. At some point, I would like to discuss the BIG questions when ever you have a chance. And I'm sure Brian has plenty to say as well! Ok, well, till then I suppose... I don't check your blog every day, but I take a peak at everything you've added. You should let me know where i can find your first chapter, if it's still online. Ok, I'm going now. I hope it's not to grey tomorrow and traffic isnt bad if you decide to brave it in the urban jungle.


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